Jobsite Companion Features

Jobsite Companion

Jobsite Companion™ is a software tool that runs on a Windows Mobile Compatible PDA device and enables the cabinetmaker out in the field to input room and cabinet dimensions, take notes, mark electrical locations, and attach digital photographs. Once back in the shop, the information can be fed directly into their CABINET VISION or Cabnetware design and CNC manufacturing programs.

Woodworkers looking for an easy-to-use software tool that will speed up their Design to Manufacturing process—beginning with field measurements, through to design, manufacturing, and then on to the installation should consider the advantages of Planit’s Jobsite Companion. 

Jobsite Companion is for cabinetmakers looking for every opportunity to become more efficient gathering job related data. Jobsite Companion allows information to be gathered in a digital format at the source, eliminating costly translation mistakes later.

Jobsite Companion continues Planit’s emphasis on supporting the needs of the woodworking market, by supplying technology to cabinet makers that allow them to be even more competitive against foreign and domestic competition. Jobsite Companion increases the accuracy and speed of needed field/site data collection. Furthermore, with the ability to capture images of the site, manufacturers can collect data that offers them the detail required to accurately bid on projects. This ability helps manufacturers maintain a profitable business.