ALPHACAM Profiling

ProfilingLaser, flame, and water jet profiling operations are all catered for in the ALPHACAM Profiling and ALPHACAM Profiling 5-Axis modules. The 5-Axis module provides for the cutting of complex 3D components.

ALPHACAM has modules for all sheet profiling operations. Internal Lead-In/Out moves are automatically adjusted to ensure that part profiles are not damaged. Automatic and Manual nesting of geometries or toolpaths (including Lead-In/Out moves) on multiple sheets of any shape is fast and accurate for maximum sheet utilization. The area, weight and cost of parts and scrap are calculated automatically.

Standard Features

  • Cut shapes
  • Edit rapid moves
  • Clear/Mark area or design
  • User-defined material library
  • G41/42 tool compensation
  • Cut corners straight, roll round or external loops
  • Slow down for corners
  • Edit feeds/add support tags
  • Edit operations (cutting details/order ops etc.)
  • Adjust beam angle for 4/5-Axis cutting
  • Auto-update toolpaths if geometries are changed
  • Pierce/Cut Holes

5-Axis Features

  • All Standard features above
  • Cut between contours

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