Alphacam Lathe

TurningThe Alphacam Advanced Turning module is the ultimate CAD/CAM system for machine shops and subcontractors. It offers considerable potential for programming numerically controlled lathes with C/Y axis and driven tooling.

Alphacam Standard Lathe

The Alphacam standard module is a simple to use programming system for single turret and single spindle with C axis control and lathe configurations.

Alphacam Advanced Lathe

The Alphacam advanced module allows programming of lathe configurations with twin turret and twin spindle with C and Y axis control.

The Advanced Lathe module is intended to be the best compromise between performance and investment. It offers a complete list of commands for 2D design, tool path generation with 2 or 4-Axis and easy management for milling operations with driven tooling.

Alphacam 5-Axis Mill/Turn

Alphacam 5-Axis Mill/Turn module allows programs to be generated for the new breed of machining centres

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