Cab-2-Nest Add-on Modules


Want to offer high-end features to your Clients? Dovetails are an excellent capability to add to your repertoire. With the Dovetails add-on you can define CNC Dovetails “your way” right inside the Drawer Wizard and then machine them on your CNC router.



Label-IT™ technology enables the CNC Operator to clearly visualize the panel as the labels are printed “on-demand” and placed on the parts. This labeling system is ideal for Nested-based manufacturing..

Parts can be easily selected by simply touching the screen. Labels are printed instantly, and the screen is updated automatically to show exactly which parts and panels have been completed. Easy to read graphic labels are printed for each part. With full Label design capabilities you have complete control over what data is presented on the Label. You can easily add bar-codes for each part that requires secondary machining for easy flow from one process to the next.


MDF Door Maker

MDF Door Maker allows you to custom create and output multiple tooling instructions for virtually any MDF door style. Complete CNC instructions for machining the doors are created automatically from your design.